Tuesday, May 21, 2019


Detox water:

2 sliced lemons
1 1/2 sliced cucumber
10 mint leaves
Bottled water

Add ingredients to pitcher, fill with water and refrigerate 24 hours before consumption.

Whenever I’m feeling sluggish physically/mentally, I filter my life with this detox water recipe; which I like to call “secret water”. Secret water because it does wonders and not too many people know about it. Of course we’re all familiar with a lemon wedge in our water at

restaurants; it’s refreshing and a wonderful palate cleanser. I’ve naturally shed pounds by eliminating all beverages (especially alcohol) and replacing with detox water. Ok, maybe not all beverages.. coffee is an exception, with absolutely no sugar. Yeah, you heard me, no sugar! Unless of course you’re eating fruits, that’s another exception. This detox literally makes you feel good from the inside out. It flushes toxins, clears the skin, and improves a foggy brain. How long should you detox? Well, as long as you need to; there’s no harm as long as you’re maintaining a healthy diet. I generally detox after the holidays or before/after vacation.

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