Sunday, August 4, 2019

IS it Halloween yet?!

Learn how to create spooky placemats!

Create Halloween placemats with fabric paint, stencils, and stamps!

What you will need:

Fabric Paint (don't use spray, it's all I had to work with!)
4 Placemats (Dollartree)
Stencils (Dollartree & Michaels)
Foam Stamps (Dollartree)
Masking Tape
Foam Brush


Before getting started, wash placemats and hang dry. Measure Placemat and evenly place two strips of masking tap across horizontal.

Next place two strips vertical as shown. You can re-use your strips for the other 3 placemats, no need to take measurements again. Each word has it's own box, this will make all 4 placemats identical!

Place stencil over placemat, dab brush in fabric paint and dab in the lines of stencil. Hold stencil firmly in place to avoid movement and smearing of paint. You can use a measuring tape to align the lettering evenly, however, the stencil works as a better guide.

I used a brush stencil from Michael's for "scary" and stamps dipped in fabric paint to add some character. This project took about 45mins, the trick is to get the lettering evenly as possible. If you happen to get fabric paint outside of your stencil, damp a washcloth and gently wipe area immediately.

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