Monday, September 23, 2019

Pink Halloween Decor.

Create pink Halloween decor!

It's been over a month since posting. I can't believe Halloween is creeping up and today is the first day of fall! I wanted to try something a little different other than traditional Halloween colors. Last month, I took a poll on Instagram asking followers their thoughts on Pink Halloween Decor. The results were pretty close: 58% voted YES and 42% voted NO. I'm usually anti-pink but I must say rose gold is growing on me. Home Depot didn't offer spray paint in rose gold, I went with something similar - Champagne Pink. Next stop was the 99cent store for Halloween decor. Lay tarp or a trash bag outside and spray decor, applying a few coats until area is covered. Allow drying time in between coats and rotating so all areas are covered with paint. Some items were easier to paint, depending on the material, it may take more coats. The Nightmare Before Christmas Artwork was a gift from a friend, it fit nicely with our pink theme. The gold frame was also purchased for the 99cent store. Overall this was a quick-inexpensive project. Have fun! xo

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