Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak & Thrift stores

DIY Thrift Store Kit - Sooo we all know someone who refuses to step foot in a second hand store and with the recent Coronavirus outbreak, it’s best to use precautions while dealing with secondhand items. Yes, you don't know who previously owned these items. However, there's a simple way to keep clean and protect yourself from germs and whatever else. 1.) Hand sanitizer: I always keep a travel size bottle in my purse at all times. 2.) Hair ties: I've never heard of anyone catching lice from a thrift store, sometimes it's nice to have available if you're leaning over clothes or it's a hot day and the thrift store doesn't have A/C 3.) Makeup remover or baby wipes: I use these to "spot check" clothing, sometimes I get lucky and the spot wipes right off. This is good to do prior to purchasing so you're not stuck with stains. 4.) Sanitation wipes: I use these when I bring the items home; mainly for shoes, belts, purses, etc. 5.) Disposable gloves: These are good to keep handy in case you happen to dig threw  questionable bins. 6.) Linen spray: This really helps with that musty second hand scent that sticks to everything you bring home. My go-to spray is found @worldmarket 7.) Lysol spray: I've seen these in travel size, I like to spray items prior to getting in the car. Don't go overboard, not sure if this will bleach clothing or not, never had a problem but use caution. So there you go, there are a few ways around germs 🦠

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